Protea Hotels by Marriott: Strong Weekend

The Brief

Irvine Partners was tasked to come up with a strategy to highlight Protea Hotels by Marriott’s special offer on hotel stays booked via their website for the period of a particular campaign that was running. This would involve...

  • Showcasing properties and activities that could be enjoyed over long weekends
  • Engaging with influencers to generate a conversation about long weekends
  • Create a catchy hashtag to be used in the campaign and to aid in curating social media content.

Our Approach

Our goal was to generate conversations and create engagement in order to promote the special offer. We did this in the following ways:

  • Irvine Partners helped to create the concept of a “strong weekend” ̶ a flexible idea that could refer to physical activities such as hiking, spiritual aspects such as replenishing the soul, or any other way in which users wished to interpret the concept.
  • We sought out influencers who would best personify the #StrongWeekend concept ̶ those who were likely to do interesting activities and engage with their online communities. We offered them stayovers and curated their content.
  • We launched the #StrongWeekend campaign on a particular date and encouraged all Protea Hotels by Marriott associates to engage with the hashtag.

The Result

The campaign achieved the following outstanding results:

  • The #StrongWeekend hashtag reached #2 on the new trends list
  • The #StrongWeekend message reached over 6 million people via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • 108 000 views were recorded via InstaStories and over 305 comments were recorded via static Instagram posts
  • All influencer content was engaged with, establishing a positive association between influencers and Protea Hotels by Marriott
  • Over $400 000 was earned in AVEs through traditional media exposure throughout the campaign.

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