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What is a round-up?

A round-up is a kind of post that’s well-suited to amplifying content and harnessing the power of cross-sharing between various audiences on the internet.

This content type does what the name says: rounds up a number of items in a particular category. For a PR professional, there are numerous ways of creating engaging roundups, and just as many options when it comes to pitching them to the media.

First, there’s the category: if a client is a seafood restaurant, the PR professional might consider a round-up of the best seafood restaurants, the best restaurants with ocean views, the best restaurants for date nights, or favorite restaurants that offer sushi specials.

Next, the round-up should have an angle attached. If the category is best “date night” restaurants, why should the publication care? Is Valentine’s Day around the corner, or is there something else to which the article can be attached? Once the idea is pitched, it’ll be up to the journalist who receives it to decide whether the PR professional has any say in the creation of the piece – it may catch their eye but be used as part of a story with a slightly different angle, which is also a win.


Why would a company use a round-up in their PR efforts?

In every scenario, the round-up should see a company featured alongside other desirable items, brands, destinations and entities, and this within earned media.

Along with warm associations and alignments, a round-up makes for excellent traction when it comes time to share it – all of those entities listed can usually be counted on to share the list to publicize their place on it, resulting in exposure to multiple audiences with a positive connotation in every case.

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